Emily J. Maurits

Welcome! This is the author website of Emily J. Maurits. I am the founder of Called to Watch. You can check out my other published works here.

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I think the best way to find out about someone is by how they act and what they say… and since we might not meet in person, that’s an open invitation to read this blog!

Still, if you’re anything like me, you’re intensely curious (nosey?) so I’ll give you a few hints straight up.

Christianity | Running | Literature | Pondering illness, suffering & care-giving | History | Healthcare trained | Theology student

I’m passionate about the fact that God is present in the small moments of life as well as the big ones.

I truly believe that heroes are born in the tiny decisions as much as the grandiose sacrifices, and know that in the end all of us broken, selfish humans are only heroes insomuch as we imitate Christ.


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