Called to Watch


This blog is my personal blog, and is – as you can probably tell – rather varied. I also have a more ‘focused’ blog on a topic which I’m super passionate about: chronic illness and God.

More specifically: what it looks like to watch someone suffer, and be unable to relieve their suffering. Because it hurts, and it’s hard, and it’s the sort of thing which makes us want to either get depressed or shake our fist at God.

I want people to be passionate about this because I am. But also because I think we need to be. So many people are hurting. Both sufferers and those who are Watching them.

If this is a topic which interests you, head over to Called to Watch or join the conversation here.

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On Watching

What does it mean to Watch someone who is suffering, how do we do it, and is Watching important enough to talk about?

Beginning as a Watcher

Some people have been Watching for years, others find themselves stricken by a sudden diagnosis. Either way we struggle: we are sad, angry, guilty. We don’t know how to break the news or answer questions.

Challenges of a Watcher

Watching is hard. What do we do when people keep asking the same questions, when we feel like it’s unfair, when we have to move away or we run out of sympathy?

Christianity and Watching

It’s easy to say God is the answer to chronic sickness, but why doesn’t the Bible address the issue? Is it right to pray for healing? Can Jesus really sympathise with our pain?

Musings of a Watcher

Should we be idealistic or pessimistic? Is it wrong to make jokes about sickness? Is it insensitive to use labels or speak in cliches?


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